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Axel Junior

We take care of our offspring and feel responsible for passing on the fine art of artistry and dance.


In our own school our trainees learn the craft of the artist from an early age on.

They impress us despite their young years with their talent and their dedication.

They show us - movement is joy - and to guide them, on their way to their own abilities, is the greatest joy for us!


Our young artists already had some opportunities to present their acquired skills to an audience!


They had the following appearances and shows:

- NÖN is looking for the greatest talent

- Andi Marek's big Christmas show

- SK Rapid Christmas party

- Circus Picard

- Supertalent of the Czech Republic

- Year-End-Concerts of the Ballet Studio by Susi

- various school events


Our little artists got their first stage experience and can not get enough!

They are therefore very happy about bookings of their shows!


If you would like to give our small artists the chance to shine on the big stage, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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